Reiki Healing

If you are in any kind of Pain, Reiki can heal you.
This Divine Reiki Energy is all around, all we need is to open The Soul’s eye and feel it for ourselves.
Holistic ways of healing are very powerful, and so is the human mind, and there is no problem that cannot be solved, the only requirements are faith and intention.
Intention changes the physiology of every cell in our body and things begin to work in the way we want them to.
What Is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese word, and it breaks up into rei, meaning “universal” and ki, meaning “life force energy”.
There are many higher definitions of Reiki, some call it Energy from the benevolence of God, and some call it universal life force energy and some, a field of invisible vibrations.
Having practiced Reiki for a few years, I believe that this energy is spiritual, and inexhaustible, since it comes from an infinite and divine source.
At a level of mind, it cannot be explained, though it can be felt, just like the presence of God cannot be explained, though it can be felt.
What Reiki can do for you?
Reiki is a positive energy. There is an endless list of what this energy can do for you. However, here are some examples.
It can enhance your wellbeing, uplift your mood, align and balance your chakras (energy centers), make you feel courageous, relieve you of a headache, protect you from bad vibes, reduce menstrual cramps, give a feeling of overall positivity. Any goal you want to achieve, on a physical level, or a higher level, Reiki can help.
As a disclaimer, kindly note that Reiki is not a substitute for medication.
In fact, some hospitals are now treating patients in a holistic manner, which means, that in addition to the treatments they are providing, they have professionals such as Yoga therapists and Reiki healers, to help enhance the recovery of the patients.
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About Healing Sessions 
Reiki Healing can be done in two ways, one where the healer and the receiver of energy are in each other’s presence, the other where they are not in each other’s presence. The second type is known as “distant healing”.
As a healer,  I spend time with the person, to understand and know their feelings, thought processes, and their perception of life. This enables me to understand the course of action to take which may include Yoga therapy and Counselling, together with Reiki Healing.
I also encourage them to be as open as possible, so that I can understand the reasons for why they need healing.

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