Yoga Therapy

Yoga has first been mentioned in the oldest Indian sacred text of Rig Veda.
Yoga is one of the shaddarshanas (6 schools) of Indian philosophy, and its use as an intervention to healing dates back to hundreds of years ago.
Yoga therapy finds its roots in the philosophy of the 5 layers of the body as per the Taittriya Upanishad. In his explanation of psychosomatic diseases, Sage Vashishtha explains to Lord Rama the concept of why disturbances in the level of mind, may percolate into the physical body and manifest as a disease.

Yoga therapy is a holistic science that works on the 5 Koshas (layers) called Panchkosha.


  • Kosha

    The physical body, the one composed of matter.

  • Kriya

    Kriya & Asana practice, Yama & Niyama

Pranamaya Kosha

  • Kosha

    The Breath / Prana / Energy body, composed of life force which is the air we breathe and the subtle energy channels running throughout our body

  • Kriya


Manoyama Kosha

  • Kosha

    Layer of the Mind, where there are thoughts, feelings and the conversations we are often having with ourselves

  • Kriya


Vignanamaya Kosha

  • Kosha

    Intelligence and Wisdom are at the core of this layer

  • Kriya

    Councelling / Jnana Yoga

Anandamaya Kosha

  • Kosha

    The layer where happiness and peacefulness can be felt.

  • Kriya


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