Vedic Counselling

Life is about ups and downs. For certain reasons, for some of us, the life we are living now is stressful. We all have a share of stress to handle, but what differs is how we handle it.

The job, the spouse, the money, the family, the health, the list is never-ending.

The race, we run and run, and we forget why we are here in the first place.

Well, we are here to be happy. Period. There is nothing else that we are here for.

From a spiritual perspective, we are here to realize that we have Divinity within us and we do not have to keep running after external sources of happiness, because those things can make us only temporarily happy.

Always helps to talk to someone about whatever it is, that we may be going through.

Being able to be listened to without judgment is half the battle won…

Vedic counseling helps us connect the dots, fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle, and change our perspective toward life situations. Here is where I will help you with some of the scriptures I have read and understood. However, to be honest, there are so many layers to this information that reading the same material, again and again, reveals different levels of truth.

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